ContributorsWe are concerned with how to get this message of love across. 
We are trying to bring peace to the world through our work.The poor must know that we love them, that they are wanted.
They themselves have nothing to give but love.As of 3/17/03----Mother Teresa

*  7-Eleven Stores

*  Floyd and Dolores Abbott

*  Kenny and Shari Abt

*  Roger and Florine Allen

*  Betty Anderson

*  Rosemary Antel

*  Ruth and Dave Archer

*  Henry and Irene Ashworth

*  Joe and Kelly Bagnaro

*  Robert and Kathie Barnett

*  Annette Becker

*  Grover and Ann Beeman 

*  Chris Beller  

*  Bishop John Carroll Catholic School

*  Scott and Dyana Bishop

*  Blessed Sacrament Church Thrift Shop,

        Lawton, OK

*  Jacob and Ruth Blevins

*  Judy Boggs,

        Compassion Resource Center, Choctaw, OK

*  Joann Bohr

*  Betty Borelli

*  Grace Newton Bottoms

*  J. L. and Diana Bouldreaux

*  Velma Brand

*  Velma and Ben Brandt

*  Judy Braun

*  Lillian Brejda

*  Jamia Brett

*  Ron and Elise Buckelew

*  Kenneth and Barbara Buettner

*  Capitol Hill High School Class of 52

           Alumni Association

*  Erin Carlstrom

*  Carmelite Sisters of St. Therese

        of the Infant Jesus, Okla. City

*  Ferd and Rosemary Castrop

*  Catholic Charities,

        Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

*  Katie Caudill

*  J. R. and Pat Chambers

*  Christ the King School , Okla. City

*  Church of the Epiphany of the Lord,

        St. Vincent De Paul Conference, Okla. City

*  Sister Susan Clark

*  Loren and Dessie Cleveland

*  Stuart and Angela Clinton

*  Sean, Shelly & Jade Coale

*  Paul and Sarah Compton

*  James A. Connelly, Sr.

*  Diane Cook

*  Harvey and Irene Cooper

*  Robert and Kimberly Copple

*  Larry and Sonja Cornelius

*  Lee and Angela Cosby

*  Gloria Criser

*  Dave, Dorothy & Andrew Crisswell

*  J. V. Dale, ICS Corporation.

*  Jackie Damiani

*  Carole L. Darragh

*  Ernest and Doris Delman

*  Tricia and Steve Dixon

*  Daniel and Colleen Dooley

*  Ray Dyer

*  John and April Eberle

*  Edith Edender

*  Amy M. Edison

*  Bud and Jo Edmisson

*  Edmond 4-H Club

*  Edmond Light Horse 4-H Club

*  Chris Engel

*  Dale and Lori Evans

*  Ralph and Beverly Evans

*  FAA Employees Credit Union, Okla. City

*  Karen and Michael Feldhake

*  Lisa Feldhake

*  Dan Fioroni

*  Alfredo and Ofelia Flores 

*  Sister Barbara Joseph Foley

*  Lydia Foote

*  Janie Lee Foster

*  Frank R. Fox

*  George and Jane Frame

*  Vickie Freeman

*  Lin Frieden, Harsha & Associates

*  Martha Fuller

*  William and Anna Gabrish

*  Pat Gann

*  Anita Gardener

*  Pat and Connie Garrett

*  Marcia Gautier

*  Timothy and Judith Gilbreth

*  Susan B. Givens

*  Ali Goeringer

*  J. Russ and Evelyn R. Goff

*  James and Marlene Goodman

*  Henry Gonzales

*  Ed and Brenda Granger

*  Jerry and Jackie Grant

*  Roger Greathouse

*  Amy Grellner

*  Sharon Griffin

*  Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Haskins

*  Mr. and Mrs. W. Hatchell

*  James and Janet Hatcher

*  Richard and Debe Hauschild

*  Evelyn Heathcott

*  Phil and Mindy Heck

*  George Hill,

         Diversified International Sciences Corporation

*  Walter Hill,

         Diversified International Sciences Corporation

*  Paulette Hillerman

*  Elizabeth Hinckle

*  Kelly Dyer Hochenauer

*  Joe and Carole Hoffert

*  Eva Holata

*  Chris and Linda Howard

*  Stuart and Rhonda Howard

*  Leroy and Mercedes Humphrey

*  Cynthia Hunt

*  Joe and Sue Husmann

*  Dudley and Gail Hutcheson

*  Immaculate Conception Catholic Church,

        St. Vincent De Paul Society, Okla. City

*  Thomas and Mitzi James

*  Sue Ann Johnson

*  Edward and Christie Jones

*  Cindy Kearney

*  Joni Kellogg

*  DeAndre Kelly

*  Michael and Toni Kelly

*  Robert Kelly

*  Gloria A. Kemp

*  Ken and Karen Kenworthy

*  Jerry and Shelly King, J & S Associates 

*  Jacqueline Konarik

*  Mary Ann Kubat

*  Ladies Auxilliary of OCFFA

*  Betty Cogdill LeClair

*  Eugene and Kena Leigh Lollman

*  Larry and Mary Ann Lynch

*  Lawrence W. Maloney

*  Angela Martin

*  Paula A. Martin

*  Lytle and Inez Mason

*  Justin Massey

*  Dwayne Mathews

*  Jon and Susan McHugh

*  Helen McKay

*  Bernard and Dora McKenna

*  Ronald and Margaret McKenzie

*  Jerry and Sally McKeown

*  Barbara Melillo

*  Kathleen Mennis-Downing

*  Ryan and Susan Meyers 

*  Rev. Jimmy Milligan,  My Father's

        Business & Living Faith Church, Moore, OK

*  Patty Miner

*  John H. Minter 

*  Brooke Mitchell

*  Michael and Emilykaye Mitchelson

*  Don and Beth Nawotka

*  Annie and Sarah Nawotka

*  Neta Nelson

*  Edward and Elizabeth Nicholls

*  Soosie Chastain-Nieman

*  John and Joni Noble 

*  Kori Noble 

*  Kyle Noble

*  Daniel and Julie O'Connor

*  Our Lady of Fatima Church,

         Nicoma Park, OK

*  Sera Page

*  Jeff, Kristy, Mackenzie, Meghan

        and Matthew Palmer

*  Richard and Mary Parker

*  Sonja Parker

*  Joe and Terry Peterson

*  Phuong Pham

*  Dan Pho

*  Caroline Pierce

*  Lesley Plumley, Legend Family Films

*  Earle and Cecil Anne Plyler

*  David and Penny Poindexter

*  Rose Prentice

*  Amir Radmard

*  Anita Ratliffv

*  Jeff Redding

*  Olga Reed

*  Richard and Rose Mary Reyna

*  Edward and Catherine Richardson

*  Rictor Construction, Inc.

*  Altah Mae Roach

*  Janice and Roy Roach

*  Tony Robnett,

           God's Extended Hand

           World Outreach Ministries

*  Toni Sabatini

*  Sacred Heart Church, Okla. City

        St. Vincent De Paul Society

*  Sacred Heart School, Okla. City

*  Randy Sanders, SAM's Club

*  Joshua Schell

*  Marie Schmitt

*  Kathryn Schiff

*  James and Maureen Schumacher

*  Larry Schwab, Schwab Meat Company

*  Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Shadid

*  Pat and Alicia Shaw

*  Lisa Shearer

*  Jeanne Silkwood

*  Forrest and Becky Simpson

*  Roger and Lynne Size

*  Alexa and Phil Slaughter

*  Paul and Carol Smaglinski

*  Michael and Carole Smith

*  Roger and Cristina Smith

*  Jill Smittle

*  Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Sparling

*  Liz Squire

*  St. Ann's Catholic Church, Elgin, OK

        Religious Education Classes

*  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

        Edmond, OK

*  St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Edmond, OK

         Youth Group and Confirmation Class

*  St. Joseph Old Cathedral, Okla. City, OK

        Social and Charitable Ministry

*  St. Monica Catholic Church, Edmond, OK

        Social Ministries Committee

*  Robert and Anne Stroud

*  Daniel and Mary Ann Stupka

*  Paul and Lori Sullivan

*  Sonya Surprise 

*  Alexander Swyden

*  Allison Swyden

*  Chase Swyden

*  Marty and Dana Swyden, Jamars & Long

*  Ryan Swyden

*  Paul and Isabella Syoen

*  John and Hellen Talley

*  Carolyn F. Taylor

*  Albert J. Tesio

*  Karen Thomason

*  William and Lisa Tierney

*  Chester and Patricia Tracy

*  Mai Anh Tran

*  Charles and Glenda Turner

*  Ty and Lori Tyler

*  Bodie Turner, Fleming

*  Joe and Marilyn Tytanic

*  Neta M. Ulmer

*  Vernon and Elizabeth Urban

*  Reverend Louis Vander Ley

*  Jerry and Charlene Vap

*  Abigail Velte

*  Mike Velte

*  Villa Teresa School Students, Okla. City

*  Jason Vincent

*  Justin and Marguerite Vogt

*  Tom Waken

*  Kristen Wallace

*  Daisy D. Webb

*  Darren and Kim Wilson

*  Terri Wilson

*  Ronnie Windham, Fleming

*  John and Mary Wlaschin

*  Carolyn Woods

*  Phama Woodyard

*  Frank and Beth Worstine

*  Phyllis Wright

*  Mr. and Mrs. James Yoch, Jr.

*  Ed and Mindy Young

*  Fred and Kitty Zagaruyka

*  Yvonne Zales

*  Alice Zollinger

*  Barbara Zurline


*  And a heartfelt thanks for the 

     many "annonymous" contributions











I would like to personally thank you for being one of the great people whose support makes Hot Dogs for the Homeless
possible!  I take seriously my responsibility to contributors, to those counting on my help, and to God, to be a wise
steward of donations entrusted to me.  You can take pride in knowing that your gift will be put to good use immediately
to feed the homeless people living on the streets right here in Oklahoma City.  Your support is greatly appreciated not
only by me, but by the people that Hot Dogs for the Homeless serve.  You help to make Hot Dogs for the Homeless
possible and I am truly grateful for your generosity and friendship.     Rick Swyden